The Age: Former ABC reporter, Zoe Daniel to fight Liberals on climate and integrity, 25th Nov 2021

The Age: Former ABC reporter, Zoe Daniel to fight Liberals on climate and integrity

This article appeared in The Age on 25th November 2021. Journalist is Miki Perkins

This article was also published in SMH, Brisbane Times and WA Today

You can read the transcript here.

High-profile former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel is no stranger to the ravages of climate change.

She has travelled to the Arctic and seen the melting permafrost and rocky shores where the sea ice is in rapid retreat.

As a journalist, Zoe Daniel covered the effects of climate change around the globe.

In her 30 years at the ABC, including three stints as a foreign correspondent, the last as US bureau chief in Washington, Daniel covered bushfires in California, the aftermath of super storms in south-east Asia, hurricanes in the US and cyclones in the Pacific.

Daniel, who left the ABC in 2020, will stand as an independent for the blue-ribbon Melbourne bayside seat of Goldstein at next year’s federal election. “I look at my kids and the friends they bring home and I think what’s life going to look like for you guys if none of us actually do anything?” she told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. “If not us, then who? And if not now, when?”

“The people of Goldstein know that that’s happening too, and they really want more substantive policy on this,” she said. “It remains a moral issue, but it’s also now an economic issue if we want to continue the prosperity that we’ve had in Australia.”


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