Women’s Agenda: Former journalist Zoe Daniel to run as an independent against Liberal MP Tim Wilson, 27 Nov 2021

This article appeared in Women’s Agenda on 27th November 2021. Journalist is Madeline Hislop

You can read the transcript below:

High-profile journalist and foreign correspondent Zoe Daniel will stand as an independent candidate at the next federal election in the electorate of Goldstein.

Daniel was selected by local group Voices of Goldstein to run as a community-backed candidate in the Melbourne electorate. She has said her key policy focuses will be climate action, integrity and honesty in politics, transparent economic policy and safety and equality for women.

“As a journalist, I’ve been an observer for decades. The next parliament is critical to the future of our children, our environment, our economy, and our planet now and for generations to come,” Daniel said on Thursday.

“As my 14-year-old son powerfully puts it: ‘you have a chance to do something for all of us Mum’.”

Daniel has worked as a journalist at the ABC for 30 years, including time as the US bureau chief in Washington.

Daniel is a resident of the suburb of Hampton, located in Melbourne’s bayside and is the latest climate and integrity-focused independent candidate to step forward in a seat held by the Liberal party, following the likes of Kylea Tink in North Sydney and Allegra Spender in Wentworth.

Daniel is supported by Ian Macphee AO, the first elected member for Goldstein and former Liberal party minister in the Fraser government.

“The time is long overdue for the Goldstein community to be represented by an MP who truly reflects their aspirations. The answer is a moderate independent and Zoe Daniel is that person,” Macphee said in a statement.

Former Independent MP Cathy McGowan has also offered her support to Daniel.

“I know Zoe to be a woman of deep integrity, courage and empathy who will use her strong independent voice to deliver great outcomes for Goldstein and Australia,” McGowan said.

Goldstein is currently held by Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who won the seat at the 2019 election with a primary vote of 52.67 per cent and a two-party preferred vote of 57.79 per cent.

In her launch video, Daniel said: “Until now I’ve waited for our governments to respond to the immense business and job opportunities that a renewable climate economy presents – to lead.”

“Goldstein, we can no longer wait. It’s what we do in the next three years that matters. And your voice matters. So, find your voice. If not us, who? If not now, when?”


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