Zoe on Respect for Women

‘I have a 13 year old daughter and as one of the 85% of Australian women who has experienced sexual harassment I don’t think she should have to deal with that.

I also don’t think we should still be marching in the streets for basic human rights.

Our government which plainly does not get it, needs to get with the program on this issue – genuine equality, genuine safety for women, particularly in the workplace.

The first step towards that is to implement the main recommendations of the Respect at Work Report which will create a requirement for employers to deal with harassment before a woman reports it.

And I think for the 85% of women who have experienced harassment, they will understand that not every woman has the power or the agency to be able to make that report.

So we need to create a system where the system protects the woman rather than the woman having to speak up.’


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