SBS News: The female independents vying for the seats of high-profile Liberal men at the next federal election, 5th Dec 2021

Emma Brancatisano’s article The female independents vying for the seats of high-profile Liberal men at the next federal election was published Sunday 5 December 2021, By  Source: SBS News.

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Concerned by a growing disconnect between the values of their communities – such as gender equality and climate – and how they are dealt with in Canberra, these independent candidates are among those ready to contest the 2022 federal election.

Zoe Daniel says she had no intention of entering politics.

The former ABC journalist has worked on the sidelines as an “observer” for almost three decades, covering natural disasters, conflicts and politics – most recently as the broadcaster’s United States bureau chief. She says she is a swing voter and tends to cast her ballot based on leadership and policy agendas. Right now, she says Australia is stuck.

“As someone who has worked around the world, who has seen the disintegration of one of the world’s great democracies in the US, I feel that we are really stuck right now in our two-party system.”

“The policy-making is very much to do with how it plays with the electorate rather than how it actually affects people’s lives. I also think there is a huge trust gap developing between the people and the politicians, and that’s something that is really concerning to me.”

Last week, Ms Daniel announced she will run as an independent for the Melbourne electorate of Goldstein in the upcoming federal election.

Ms Daniel was approached by Voices of Goldstein, one of many Voices of or Voices for grassroots community groups fielding candidates and mobilising independent campaigns aimed at government-held seats. “The main pillars of that movement really align with my own values – particularly around integrity, which I think [is] sadly lacking in politics the world over – including in Australia – and also finding some accountability in particular policy areas that are sadly lacking and, in effect, hampering our progress at a time when we really need to be moving forward.

“Climate is a big one, also equality and genuine safety for women in the workplace.”

Federal parliament has this year been rocked by allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault, particularly against women. An independent report into workplace culture conducted by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins this week laid bare the extent and depth of the problem inside the people’s house.


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