Zoe’s Town Hall, 2nd December 2021

Want to hear about Zoe’s response to particular policy questions?

Listen to Zoe’s interview at the ‘Virtual Town Hall Q&A’, recorded on the 2nd December, 2021 where questions were asked of your candidate.

Go to the time codes listed below to hear her response on the following questions:

Minutes: Seconds

19:50 – Q: What do you think is the greatest climate threat in Australia and what does a climate platform mean to you?

23:05 – Q: Integrity. What have you observed about this government when it comes to integrity?

25:45 – Q: When you think about a vision for this country, what would you like to see?

27:50 – Q: The Independent movement. Is it a waste of a vote? What is your response?

30:12 – Q: What has shaped you as a person?

33.40 – Q: How will you conduct this (community) consultative process? Will there be some way Goldstein voters can participate informing policy?

37.30 – Q: How will you allocate preferences?

38:00 – Q: What are the chances of Independents agreeing on most things? Parties end up with factions as they don’t all share the views of the chosen candidate/party?

39:48 – Q: At the launch you spoke of ‘lapsed liberals’ but you made no mention of people who have previously voted for the ALP/Greens or other parties. Apart from your pro-environment stance, what are the key differences between your policies and those parties?

44:50 – Q: With all of your world travel and coverage of war-torn countries, where do you stand with the current policy on asylum seekers?


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