New Politics Podcast: The End Of The Year In Politics And A Voice Of Goldstein Takes Flight, 9th Dec 2021

Listen to this podcast starting at 19.00min where Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis talk with Zoe Daniel about her campaign for the federal seat of Goldstein

And if the two-party system is not providing the answers the electorate is looking for, there are independent candidates who are willing to fill in the gaps.

The former ABC foreign correspondent and journalist, Zoe Daniel, is the latest independent to seek a move to Canberra, and she’s running in the seat of Goldstein, under the banner of the Voices Of Goldstein. And we think she’s in with a good chance of snaring the seat from the Liberal Party. Why? Because she’s running on all of those issues the electorate is interested in: climate change action, integrity, respect for women, professionalism, honesty and decency.

It’s been such a long time since we saw these types of values in federal politics, it might be shock to the system if they ever do return. And it’s an idea that might catch on, certainly in the seat of Goldstein.


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