The Age: ‘Issue-by-issue’: Independents not committing to either major party, 13th Dec 2021

The Age: ‘Issue-by-issue’: Independents not committing to either major party, 13th Dec 2021

By David Crowe, chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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Zoe Daniel, the former ABC foreign correspondent who wants to replace Liberal Assistant Minister Tim Wilson in Goldstein in Melbourne, said she had voted for the Liberals at the 2016 election when Malcolm Turnbull was prime minister but not after he was replaced.

“Obviously I’m not going to make a decision now or say who I would support four to six months out from an election based on a hypothetical,” she said.

“However, standing on the platform I’m standing on, with priorities around climate, equality for women, integrity and economic transparency, any conversation with either of the major parties would revolve around their intentions on those issues.”

Ms Daniel said she wanted greater transparency about the use of taxpayer money after the exposure of “rorts” in federal programs, as well as more disclosure of political donations and truth in political advertising. Her preferred carbon target is 50 per cent by 2030 and she is backed by Climate 200, which is matching local donations.

Ms Daniel needs a 12.7 per cent swing to win Goldstein, while Mr Priestley needs a 20 per cent swing to win Nicholls and Ms Scamps needs 13.2 per cent in Mackellar. These calculations are based on Labor rather than independent campaigns at the last election.


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