The Diplomat: Australia’s Independents: The Women Aiming to Shake Up Parliament, 27th Dec 2021

The Diplomat: Australia’s Independents: The Women Aiming to Shake Up Parliament

Written by Joshua Mcdonald, an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Melbourne, Australia.

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At least 13 independent female candidates have launched campaigns on similar platforms focused on climate change, corruption, and women’s rights.

Earlier this year, following a string of attacks on women in the Australian Parliament House in Canberra, both verbal and physical, a popular female TV host asked rhetorically whether the easiest place in the country to rape a woman is in Parliament House.

Now, a group of independent female candidates are looking to batter down parliament’s doors at the next federal election, to be held sometime between March and May 2022. 

At least 13 female candidates, not aligned to a political party, have launched campaigns, mostly in seats where they would be taking on senior Liberal MPs…

Just south of Kooyong, in Goldstein, former high-profile ABC journalist, Zoe Daniel, has also announced that she’ll be running as an independent in 2022.

“As someone who has worked around the world, who has seen the disintegration of one of the world’s great democracies, I feel that we are really stuck right now in our two-party system,” she said. 

Daniel is running in the safe Liberal seat of Goldstein against current MP, Tim Smith. She has flagged lack of integrity in government, climate and safety for women in the workplace as reasons for contesting the election…

While the women contesting the Liberal seats are not aligned and most lack political experience, something that binds them is they are all campaigning on climate action, a federal integrity commission, and women’s rights, all topics that have dominated the news cycle in Australia over the last 12 months. 

Another thing that binds them is that they have all supported the Liberal Party in the past but now feel that the party has lost its way and that voters will be looking for an alternative. Early next year, we’ll learn whether they are that alternative.  


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