Message from Zoe, 19th January 2022

Message from Zoe, 19th January 2022

Our campaign year has begun very positively despite the challenges of these Covid times.

We have moved some of our campaign meetings online to develop strategies for the year ahead, and we are maintaining some good visibility with campaign activities outdoors. You may have seen some teal t-shirts around as our teams of energetic volunteers get out on bikes, and in walking and running groups around Goldstein.

There will be a lot more of this to come! 

I had a great meeting with our volunteer leaders last week as they gear up to start phone banking and door knocking across Goldstein. I will be joining the various groups as much as I can, so I will look forward to meeting you to discuss your key priorities for our community to inform my policies.

I’ve also had some good meetings with our local mayors in recent weeks and am keen to get your views on local issues, concerns, and projects. One recurring issue is the health of the bay and long term, cohesive management of erosion and other climate related issues. 

Other themes include over development, open space and wildlife habitat, the adequacy and availability of appropriate aged care and support services and the survival and recovery of our small businesses.

On small business, I have been talking to lots of local businesses of various kinds who are again battling Covid albeit in a different way, with the increased prevalence of the virus, lack of testing capacity and lack of staff. It is so devastating to see so many of our small businesses closed having fought their way through lockdowns for the last two years. 

I am holding a virtual small business forum on Thursday the 27th to provide an opportunity to our small businesspeople to talk about the challenges and what strategies and policy settings would make a difference. I will be facilitating the session and listening so I can gather your feedback and advocate for you during my campaign. I would really value your input so if you can find an hour, please join us, and have your say.

We live in uncertain times, but I continue to be uplifted by your support for my campaign to Find Our Voice in Canberra. 

Thank you for your confidence and your trust.

Be well, 



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