AFR: ‘Voices of’ independents competitive in three Liberal seats, 20 Jan 2022

The Australian Financial Review: ‘Voices of’ independents competitive in three Liberal seats, 20 Jan 2022

An online poll of three federal electorates held by the Liberal Party found strong support for centrist independents backed by Simon Holmes à Court’s Climate 200 fundraising group.

Anti-Liberal independents are coming first or second in Goldstein, Wentworth and North Sydney, according to polling conducted by private pollster Raphaella Crosby, which suggests the challengers could defeat or come close to beating government MPs…

You can read article excerpts about Zoe here:

In the Melbourne seat of Goldstein, 40 per cent of people surveyed said they supported former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel and 24 per cent the incumbent MP, Assistant Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction Tim Wilson, Dr Crosby said.

Mr Wilson won the seat by 8 per cent at the last election over a Labor candidate. Mr Wilson, who has campaigned against union superannuation funds, accused the industry of being behind what he said was push polling, which are polls designed to influence voters. He says, “These numbers should embarrass the ACTU pollster who offered them up”.

NB: private pollster Dr Raphaella Crosby is not associated with the ACTU or Labor Party.


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