Message from Zoe, 26th January 2022

Message from Zoe, 26th January 2022

I guess it was inevitable that I would at some point be writing to you from Covid isolation, especially considering the current levels of the virus in the community.

My son and I have both tested positive and therefore we are in family iso for at least the duration of this week. My son is out the other end of it already and fighting fit, so as everyone who has had much to do with 15-year-old boys will know, keeping him contained will be part of the challenge. In the meantime, I am writing this outside in the garden to distance myself from my husband and daughter who are so far negative. We will see how long that lasts.

As for everyone, getting RATs was problematic. With thanks to the kind friend who sourced some for us late one evening we were able to test. We have one Golden RAT left with which I will test myself when I am free of symptoms before I head back out to campaign.

It would make life a lot easier for everyone if RATs were easily available, so I hope those supplies flow through soon especially with school going back over the next week or so. I gather that schools will be requiring twice weekly testing so that will be another test of the supply chain. 

Business also continues to cry out for RATs to enable staff to test and to get back to work. I have had several briefings over the last week, including from the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA), about their suggested policy settings for small business including possible tax payment plans, affordable Covid tests and freeing up visa restrictions to allow foreign workers to take on more hours.

I’m keen to get your thoughts on these ideas. We will be going ahead with our virtual Small Business Summit on Thursday evening so please join me and our panel of Goldstein business owners to discuss the impact of the pandemic and strategies for recovery. This is an opportunity to contribute to the conversation and to help me to understand your circumstances so I can advocate for you in Canberra. 

Please join us.

Be well.




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