Message from Zoe, 2nd February 2022

Message from Zoe, 2nd February 2022

Can you believe it’s the start of February already? That means we are edging ever closer to an election which looks increasingly likely to happen in May.

We are actively recruiting letter droppers, doorknockers, phone bankers, t shirt and cap wearers, scrutineers (and supporters to represent the campaign at polling booths when the time comes). Increasingly, Australians take advantage of early and postal voting which means we need to expect that many will vote up to three weeks before election day. Our mission is to make sure they are all aware of our community backed campaign and what it stands for by the time the 1 goes into the box!

The need for integrity in politics continues to dominate my conversations with people in Goldstein. Accountability underpins all our key pillars, on climate, economy and prosperity, transparent and honest use of taxpayers’ money and equality for women.

It’s very revealing when I ask people whether they’re happy with politics and leadership as it is. The answer is inevitably a resounding no. This is something that we have a unique opportunity to change this election cycle with the momentum that we currently have. The next three years will be critical when it comes to decision making and action, especially on climate, so let’s not waste this moment!

Thursday’s virtual small business forum was a great event that was incredibly productive and generous. All of those who participated contributed an honest account of their experience of the pandemic, and we talked through a range of potential policy support including staggered repayment of tax debt, loosening of work restrictions for those on restricted visas, clearer avenues for support and advice and for dealing with landlords and developing a community driven recovery strategy with federal support. Thank you to all those who came along and allowed me to listen and learn from your experiences. This is the information that will help me directly advocate for the small businesses in Goldstein.

I’ve been out and about with our volunteers again over the last few days so make sure you stop and say hello if you spot us all in our teal t-shirts. We will run some listening posts in the coming weeks, and we will put the dates and locations on the website. Also, please have a listen to our Find Your Voice podcast where I’ve been having some full and nuanced policy discussions which I think will really help you understand who I am and where I am coming from.

Be well and onward to Canberra!



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