Yahoo! News: The female independents aiming to exploit Scott Morrison’s ‘women problem’, 3rd Feb 2022

Yahoo! News: The female independents aiming to exploit Scott Morrison’s ‘women problem’, 3rd Feb 2022

Article by Samuel Bartlett, News Reporter

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ABC journalist become political hopeful

Goldstein independent candidate and former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel, who also identifies as a swing voter, mirrors many of the same policy platforms.

She also cites the voting record of her seat’s incumbent, referring to him as the “supposed moderate” Tim Wilson.

Ms Daniel told Yahoo News Australia that accountability in federal politics is basically non-existent and having a strong independent presence in the parliament is the only way to achieve that.

“A lot of the party policy-making is based on whether it will get the party re-elected rather than what’s important,” she said.

“I think when you get some sensible, centrist, calm, forward-looking intelligent independents onto the cross bench you kind of neuter that.

“One of the things that’s really missing from the party system is the short-term decision making…it’s all about what will happen at the next election rather than what will happen to our country decades forward.

“And that’s what we really need to be thinking about.”

Morrison government ‘pays lip service’ to women’s issues: Daniel

Ms Daniel also took aim at the Morrison government for its response to the review into the parliamentary culture and treatment of women, saying that it was one of the main reasons so many female candidates have put their hands up to run as independents.

“I think what the Brittany Higgins case proved to a lot of women that there is lip service paid to safety and equality of women in the workplace … Perhaps that has encouraged independents like myself to step forward to try to make a difference from the inside with better female representation.

“We need more than reactive policy making on these issues, we need proactive policy making that actively protects women in the workplace.

“As a mother of a 13-year-old daughter this is something that I feel really strongly about. In 2022, basic human rights for women should not be something that we’re having to fight for.”



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