Message from Zoe, 16th Feb 2022

We had a brilliant turnout at the Hampton Lifesaving Club’s Green Patrol on the weekend, which was emblematic of the growth and community enthusiasm behind our campaign.

To see all of those volunteers in teal t-shirts swarming around picking up rubbish as part of a community event was just brilliant! The club was very happy to have all of us there too, so thanks so much to everyone who came along.

We were out and about in McKinnon last week and we also had brilliant engagement and some great chats at our Highett Street Meet on Saturday morning. The conversations covered everything from climate policy, to healthcare, to mental health and dental care being prioritised, to affordable housing. 

Lots of people raised last week’s events in parliament and expressed opposition to the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill. 

If you follow me on social media you will be aware that I have opposed the bill which is now on ice with this parliament in its last days.

The team and I will be running our virtual Aged Care forum on Wednesday night this week which will help illuminate the experiences of Goldstein families as well as aged care workers. We have a terrific panel to help us navigate an informative conversation about the serious issues in aged care and how to address them. This conversation will help inform my advocacy during the campaign and in parliament from the cross bench.

We have several further events in the planning in the coming weeks so keep your eye out for those that are relevant to you. Please come along to one of our street meets if you have any questions, comments, feedback or would simply like to say hello!

Be well,



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