Goldstein Aged Care Summit, 7pm 16 Feb 2022

Have loved ones in aged care been abandoned by this Government?

We heard you loud and clear. The overwhelming feedback from the Goldstein community and expert panel was that Aged Care is in real trouble and something has to be done to fix it now.

We cannot thank the Goldstein community enough for sharing their experiences of supporting loved ones, and working, in Aged Care – from conversations like this solutions can be found.

The central theme was about putting the community at the heart of the conversation when it comes to addressing Australia’s Aged Care crisis.

If you missed this important event you can watch and listen to this 1.07.06 video with Zoe Daniel, community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein and the panel discussing people’s concerns and needs regarding aged care. We also discussed finding ways forward so we can effect tangible change that will deliver the quality of care our aging loved ones deserve.



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