Message from Zoe, 23 Feb 2022

Thank you for your continuing engagement with my campaign.

We have had a very strong surge in interest and participation in the last couple of weeks which continues to strengthen our ability to increase awareness about the campaign.

Our key pillars; climate, prosperity, integrity and equality continue to resonate with everyone that I speak to.

Aged care remains another big concern, reflected during our aged care forum last week.

I also visited Fairway Aged Care in Sandringham to get an insight into the pressures for those working in the system.

These conversations are giving me the reference points and context that I will need when advocating for the right to safety and dignity for our community members who are in aged care, and their families who are trying to navigate it.

Thanks also to the group of mums who took the time to meet with me about the NDIS last week and their experiences as parents of severely disabled children. This is one of several meetings that I have had so far learning about the issues affecting people with a disability in our area.

Those of you who frequent our bayside beaches will have noticed the severe erosion that is happening, requiring sandbagging on several sections of our foreshore. I have discussed this with Bayside Council and took a look to properly inform myself with some members of the Sandringham Foreshore Association this week.

To everyone who has taken the time to speak to friends, neighbours, colleagues and the person who hands you your morning coffee, newspaper or bagel, I appreciate it!

Word of mouth is how we will win this election, through positive energy, sincere and genuine conversations and an optimistic focus on what kind of electorate and nation we can be.



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