Message from Zoe, 23rd March 2022

What an absolutely magnificent turnout we had at our Meet the Candidate event in Black Rock on Sunday. The yacht club was overflowing and the atmosphere was so incredibly optimistic. For those who made it, I’m sure you agree and thank you for coming. If you couldn’t be there, please join us at our mega campaign launch on the 10th of April, 11am at Trevor Barker Oval in Sandy. Bring friends! We’re looking for a huge crowd for that event which will be an inflection point in our campaign as we begin the final sprint to Election Day.

As our hugely successful street meets show, along with the Black Rock event, the momentum is with us. The desire for something different, in which our community has a real voice, is something that is resonating across Goldstein. That drum beat is getting louder and louder.

Please keep talking to your friends, family and colleagues. That is how we create positive change for our community and our nation.

Thanks, as always for your support, and for being a part of this movement.




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