The Shot: Women of independent means, 1st April 2022

The Shot: Women of independent means, 1st April 2022

By Ronni Salt

By now you must have seen them. If you haven’t, you’re probably not going to vote for them anyway or, you might just be part of Australia’s politically disengaged.

They’re almost invariably women; educated, articulate, middle class and yes, white. Their smiling faces and groups of eager volunteers determined to cover metropolitan and regional Australia in campaign corflutes, have been out there for months now in the election campaign that isn’t an election campaign, even if the Prime Minister has been busily rolling gnocchi and incinerating his retinas with a welding arc.

They’re the independent women candidates lining up to challenge the blokes at the rapidly approaching federal election. They’re to be found predominantly in Liberal or National Party held seats, and if the hysterical, throw-your-popcorn-in-the-air-and-terrify-the-dogs reaction of male coalition government MPs is anything to go by, these women have the Morrison Government deeply worried…


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