Business In Colour Podcast: Zoe Daniel with Div & Sadhana, 3rd April 2022

Listen to this 52 min Business In Colour podcast: Zoe Daniel with Div & Sadhana

In this episode, we speak to Zoe Daniel who is the Independent candidate for Goldstein, in Australia’s upcoming election [May 2022] and an award winning journalist. We talk about her growing up years, connection to horses, her decision to choose to write not become a vet, the support from female leaders and journalists throughout her career, her 4 years at the White House covering the election of Donald Trump and now her position as an Independent candidate.

What is clear from this interview with Zoe is her passion to serve others, to manage her own fears of the unknown because she focusses on the potential positive outcomes of putting herself through hard things. She steps into the work, removes the mental blocks and gets to heart of what people need to live better futures.

This interview is packed with practical examples of pushing through pressure, finding your voice and creating a vision.

Thank you Zoe doing the work to find your voice to amplify ours. Listeners, please soak up the accountable and authentic leadership of Zoe Daniel.


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