Message from Zoe, 19th May 2022

Hi everyone

In just three days our community has a very real chance to make history.

What we have achieved from scratch in 6 short months has been astonishing.

Our competitor didn’t take us seriously, he ignored our community’s rising dissatisfaction.

For the very first time Goldstein has been offered a choice, and is sending us a message that they want us to bring this home, for them.

To do that we also can’t ignore the race we’re in, and that our competitor is now awake to our challenge. To use a football analogy, the next three days is our last quarter.

I can feel it, and I know you can too.

At 6pm on Saturday win, lose or draw, we can say to each other, we left it all on the field. But we’re going to win, because we didn’t come this far to lose.

The next three years won’t come again. Our message is Same isn’t Safe. Let’s fight this out together, all the way to 6.01 on Saturday.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your time, your work and your support.

Let’s do it



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