Goldstein’s Sporting Ovals


In Goldstein you’ll find vast open spaces and sporting fields, which, on most evenings, are full of children and adults training and, on the weekend, are full of people playing sport. At this time of year, many of those fields and pavilions are being used by teams playing Aussie Rules, and, in happy news, those teams are more and more frequently made up of women and girls motivated by the advent of the AFLW.

But in several cases there is a lack of adequate changing facilities to cater for men and women training and playing on overlapping schedules. At the landmark Trevor Barker Beach Road Oval at Sandringham, for example, this is the case. The facilities at Trevor Barker, along with those at Peterson Street Reserve in Highett, in Brighton Beach, had all been earmarked for funding by the previous federal government, in partnership with Bayside City Council.

There’s now uncertainty within these sporting clubs, which are so central to our community and our environment, about their planned upgrades. Across Goldstein, in Bentleigh, Cheltenham and elsewhere, some girls change into their sports kit in the car, due to the lack of privacy and appropriate space to change.

I call on the government to partner with local councils, state government and the AFL to ensure that girls and women—and, indeed, people of all genders—can access safe and fit-for-purpose changing facilities to enable equitable access to playing sport. I would be pleased to work with the government on these changes.


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