Find Your Voice Podcast: The Housing Crisis – How do we increase supply?

Welcome to the latest episode of Find Your Voice podcast, where we confront Australia’s pressing housing crisis head-on. This issue, having multiple complex roots, demands urgent attention as it lies at the heart of our nation’s prosperity and well-being.

In this episode, we host a unique panel discussion involving experts deeply involved in efforts to address the housing deficit and increase the supply of homes. Our discussion will navigate through the intricacies of housing cost, supply, funding, and planning, acknowledging the severity of the current and projected demands for social and affordable housing.

Join us as we welcome three accomplished panellists:

  • Mary Delahunty, Founder of Seven Advisory, provides an institutional and international investor perspective. With over 15 years in senior roles in financial services and former Head of Impact for HESTA, she is a fervent advocate for authentic progressive capital and social and affordable housing.
  • Robert Pradolin, Founder and Director of Housing All Australians, offers his expertise from over 35 years in the property industry. Rob has pivoted his career from corporate property to a not-for-profit initiative to tackle Australia’s housing crisis.
  • Ludwina Dautovic, CEO of The Room Xchange, shares her ground-breaking approach to addressing the immediate need for housing. Ludwina’s verified house-sharing platform, The Room Xchange, offers a novel solution to increasing housing supply immediately.

Join us in this crucial conversation as we explore potential solutions, learn from experts, and discuss how, as a society, we can collaboratively work towards alleviating the housing crisis.

Resources and links:

Seven Advisory

Housing All Australians:

The Room Xchange


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