Referendum Constitution Alteration Bill Amendment


I acknowledge and respect the member for Berowra’s reasons for proposing amendments to the Constitution Alteration. However, I fear that removing the term “executive government” from the legislation, as suggested, will undermine confidence in the referendum’s purpose, particularly among First Nations Australians who seek more than symbolism. The question remains: will these amendments change the attitudes of Liberal and National party representatives and encourage a wholehearted “Yes” campaign? Based on recent statements and actions, it seems unlikely. Furthermore, arguments about the Voice having access to the Executive have been refuted by constitutional lawyer Anne Twomey, who explains that there is no obligation for the government to respond to or give effect to the Voice’s representations. The Voice is a simple proposition, a generous invitation that should promote unity, not division. I reject these amendments and remain committed to supporting our First Nations peoples.

To read more about why I will be supporting a ‘yes’ vote for the Voice referendum, click here:


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