Sydney Morning Herald: Housing bill reintroduced to the house

This story by Rachel Clun first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 31st July 2023.

Independent MP Zoe Daniel wants the government to go further. In a speech in parliament today, Daniel will urge the government to increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 40 per cent, rather than the 15 per cent due to come into effect in September.

‘‘It would provide immediate relief to tens of thousands of households struggling to pay other household bills, sometimes skipping meals, for example, to pay their rent,’’ she said. Daniel said none of the solutions from the main parties were perfect, pointing to shortcomings in Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund, the Greens’ rental caps policy and the Coalition’s for housing proposal.

‘‘HAFF is far from a total solution; rental caps are more likely than not to reduce supply; raiding super is not the answer,’’ she said.


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