Teals call out parliament ‘hissing, eye rolls’

This story by Angira Bharadwaj first appeared in the Daily Telgraph on 14th September 2023.

More Teal MPs have branded parliamentary Question Time debate as “aggressive” as a group of gender equality advocates demanded more respect for women from politicians.

MPs Zoe Daniel and Allegra Spender backed North Sydney Independent Kylea Tink and said comments from male MPs in Question Time are “utterly inappropriate”.

Ms Daniel said male MPs hissed at female MPs when they spoke in parliament.

“Men hissing at women in the chamber, making pointed remarks to women in the chamber about what they’re saying … is utterly inappropriate,” she said.

“When Kylea stood up, there was a collective eye roll and sigh from a lot of men.”

Ms Tink last week said she felt unsafe during Question Time because of “hostile” and “aggressive” behaviour in the chamber. She accused a member of the Opposition of yelling at her and others “ aggressively”.


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