Community Security Advice – Israel

The Community Security Group Victoria has issued the following security advice for our Jewish community in Goldstein, and neighbouring areas:

CSG Victoria is aware that there is a heightened level of fear and anxiety across our community, and we are calling for calm. ​ ​

We know that with every escalation in Israel, there is an inevitable and parallel increase in antisemitism. This has been anticipated. We are prepared and are dealing with every incident. ​ ​

You will see increased CSG and Victoria Police presence in the community. Do not be alarmed, this is routine and to ensure our safety and security. ​ ​

We ask that you implement the following for your own and broader community welfare:


  • In an emergency call 000 immediately. Then contact CSG Victoria using the JEAP app or by calling the 24/7 emergency hotline on 1300 000 274. ​


  • If you are involved in or witness any antisemitic or suspicious activity first-hand report it to CSG Victoria and Victoria Police. ​


  • Do not disseminate details of incidents on social forums or private group chats. This spreads fear and leads to the rapid sharing of often incorrect information. ​


  • Listen to the information and advice of reputable sources only. CSG will disseminate information to community via JEAP and CSG Victoria social media. ​



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