Election warning for the Liberals

This story by Damon Johnston and John Fergurson first appeared in The Australian on 16th October 2023.

Seven teal electorates have delivered a Yes clean sweep, placing the Liberal Party on notice that it faces a serious challenge to reclaim the seats at the next federal election.

In Goldstein, the bayside Melbourne electorate won by teal Zoe Daniel at the 2022 election, Yes scored a strong victory with 56.69 of the vote to the No campaign’s 43.31 per cent.

Ms Daniel said Goldstein voters had sent Liberals a “stark” message because “almost 60 per cent of the electorate didn’t agree with their position on a deeply ideological question”. “Perhaps it says (Liberals) are speaking more to electorates that aren’t electorates like this one,” she said. “Who they are trying to keep, or hold, or talk to are not people who are potentially economic conservatives and increasingly social progressives.”

Ms Daniel said the result was encouraging for teal MPs heading into the next federal poll. “It does say that people appreciate a very connected, community-oriented member who listens and generates reasonable conversation,” she said.



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