Teal MPs slam ‘perversion of democracy’ on immigration laws

This story by David Crowe first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 6th December 2023.

Independent MPs are furious at a Labor plan to rush laws through federal parliament on Wednesday to deal with the High Court decision on indefinite detention when most expected to vote on the changes on Thursday, the last sitting day for the year.

Employment Minister Tony Burke said the government wants to bring the preventative detention laws to the House of Representatives on Wednesday night after a day of speeches in honour of Labor MP Peta Murphy, who died earlier this week.

Independent MP Zoe Daniel, who represents Goldstein in Melbourne, is in Canberra but unimpressed with the sudden change.


“The government needs to stop giving into the opposition’s default position of the politics of fear and make careful law on matters which have profound and important consequences for community safety, but also human rights and the nature of Australian citizenship,” Daniel said.


“To force the house to vote on legislation with no warning, no debate, in the dead of night is the tail wagging the dog and is absolutely not the politics done differently that this government promised.”


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