Victoria refuses to explain wind hub’s environmental mitigation plans

This story by Gus McCubbing first appeared in The Australian Financial Review on 11th January 2023.

Federal teal MPs have urged the Victorian government to scrap its contentious Port of Hastings wind hub and consider alternatives in Geelong and Tasmania that would have less harmful environmental effects, amid confusion over how new premier Jacinta Allan plans to mitigate the “unacceptable” effects on protected wetlands.

Victorian federal teal MP Zoe Daniel on Wednesday urged the state Labor government to consider these options for the project, which falls under the watch of both Ports Minister Melissa Horne and Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio.

“There do appear to be alternatives: Geelong is already a well-established port; Tasmania is offering up Bell Bay. Neither appear to have the same environmental issues as the Port of Hastings,” Ms Daniel told The Australian Financial Review.

“No one ever suggested the transition to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy would be a simple proposition. We should not be put off from doing what is necessary for our future prosperity and wellbeing just because it’s challenging.

“Now is the time for considered progress. It is not a time for waiting. We must navigate around any roadblock in a timely and reasoned way.”





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