Families concerned about eating disorder treatment at Monash Children’s Hospital

This story by Jade Gailberger first appeared in Herald Sun on 23rd January 2023.

Teens with life-threatening eating disorders are getting kicked out of a vital adolescent treatment unit in Melbourne’s southeast early and without support due to a lack of funding.

Desperate parents and ­patients have asked the state and federal governments to ­urgently fix the troubled funding model, warning that under-­resourcing at Monash Children’s Hospital is traumatising patients and putting their recoveries at risk.

“We cannot continue to allow Monash to operate like this,” Ms Daniel said.

“It doesn’t have the funding to keep up with the demand for eating disorders treatment. State and federal governments need to put their heads together and figure this out rather than each blaming the other while families are collapsing.”

A Monash Health spokesman said the hospital had many admissions seeking care for complex eating disorders.

“We are delivering the highest quality care within current resources for people with eating disorders, working towards an eating disorder enhanced specialist model, which provides access to specialist mental health eating disorder units that integrate mental health and physical health care,” he said.


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