Bold childcare reform a gamechanger for Australian families

A bill that has been supported by independents in both houses is now open for consultation. It would enshrine the right of every child to a high-quality, universal early childhood development system in law.

It’s the bold, visionary reform that we so seldom see in Australia and, in that sense, it’s an enormous opportunity.

Early education and care should be a universal right.

The $10-a-day model would lift women’s employment, boost productivity, ease cost-of-living pressures for families, and most importantly, enable children to thrive in their first five years.

Further details about this were reported nationally and you can read them here.

Bid for $10 a day childcare, 52 weeks parental leave

I’m looking forward to working with Thrive by Five during the consultation process of the draft bill, and I am actively encouraging other parliamentarians to support the bill.


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