Concerns about Julian Assange’s reprieve from extradition

On RN Breakfast today, Zoe discussed her concerns about Julian Assange’s reprieve from immediate extradition to the USA to face charges under the Espionage Act.

In an interview with Patricia Karvelas, Zoe said:

“It worries me that it actually opens the door for the extradition.”

Yesterday, two UK judges granted the WikiLeaks founder a narrow window of reprieve in granting permission to appeal against immediate extradition from the UK.

The ruling stated: “that the applicant [Assange] is permitted to rely on the first amendment, that the applicant is not prejudiced at trial, including sentence, by reason of his nationality, that he is afforded the same first amendment protections as a United States citizen, and that the death penalty is not imposed”.

In response to her concerns about Julian Assange’s reprieve, Zoe said,

“My position is clear. Enough is enough.  The case should be dropped and Julian should be returned to Australia.”

You can listen to the full interview at this link at 6:50 starting point or by downloading the ABC Listen App


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