PM on the AFL drug testing scandal: I’ll leave it to the experts.

This story was published by The Herald Sun on 29th March and was written by Jade Gailberger.

Anthony Albanese has rejected pressure to personally intervene in bombshell claims about secret AFL drug testing, as a host of federal MPs demand that documents containing the explosive

Goldstein MP Zoe Daniel, who backed Mr Wilkie’s push to table the documents, said the allegations were serious and go to the duty of care the AFL has to its players.

She questioned if Australia’s sport integrity agencies endorsed the approach, which appeared to directly subvert their systems.

“There’s a cost of not fully examining these allegations and releasing these documents, to the sport and to the players,” Ms Daniel said. “

As not only an MP but as a parent and a self-described football tragic, this goes to the future of our children and the very future of the sport. “I therefore call on the government to allow these documents to be tabled to open this up to proper scrutiny.”


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