Whistleblower David McBride prison sentence

After years of persecution by prosecution, David McBride now faces years in jail.

He is being locked up as a penalty for doing what he believed was the right thing, which in the end led to the exposure of alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan.

I accept that was not what McBride originally intended to expose, nonetheless, that was the outcome and he’s now being shockingly punished for it.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus could have stepped in but chose not to despite the government’s professed intention to support and protect whistleblowers.

I doubt that Mr McBride would be going to jail had Labor gone ahead with its 2019 promise to establish a Whistleblower Protection Authority – a commitment that has now been parked.

We may now have the National Anti-Corruption Commission, but unless there are genuine protections for whistleblowers they will not come forward for fear of being prosecuted for telling the truth.


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