Doorknocking is one of the most effective ways of reaching members of the electorate, and was a key to our success in the 2022 election. It can also be a lot of fun. 

We are now running a new doorknocking initiative. This is to take the pulse of the electorate mid-term, to tell people about Zoe’s accomplishments, and discuss the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. We also want to brush up our campaigning skills ahead of a potential early election in 2024. We learned much from last time and have been refining our processes.

Booth data from 2022 is available and we have been able to identify the areas to prioritise that should have the greatest impact on Zoe’s re-election chances.  

Upcoming Doorknocking Activities


Our captains lead the walks with a pre-walk briefing and post-walk de-brief:

Lisa Gundish
Patrice Evans
Tom Evans
Helen Hook

Doorknocking is being coordinated by Simon Cox