Julian Assange – Press Conference PH

A majority of MPs in the House have voted, calling on the US and UK to let Julian Assange come…
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Could social media also be a force for good – ABC

This story by Eliza Goetze first appeared on The ABC on 31st October 2023. If you’ve had a tough day,…
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Whistleblower fund tackles ‘persecution by prosecution’

This story by Dominic Giannini first appeared in the Goulburn Post on 20th September 2023. Whistleblowers who face prosecution themselves…
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Ideologically Motivated Extremism motion speech

I thank the member for Spence for this motion. It’s only a few weeks since pupils from a college in…
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Universities: Physical and Sexual Harassment and Violence Speech

Every woman knows a woman who’s been sexually assaulted at university, or she’s experienced it herself: the horror, the shame,…
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Royal Commission into Robodebt speech

The royal commission puts it very simply: Robodebt was a crude and cruel mechanism, neither fair nor legal, and it…
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ABC Afternoon Briefing Gambling Advertising Ban

I joined ABC Afternoon Briefing to discuss banning gambling advertising. This video was first aired on ABC Afternoon Briefing…
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Goldstein NDIS Forum

NDIS Community Forum with Zoe Daniel and Disability Minister, The Hon Bill Shorten 31st January 2023.
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Find Your Voice Podcast: The Hon. Bill Shorten on the NDIS Scheme

In this episode, we discuss the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Looking at what is working, what isn’t and what…
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