Find Your Voice Podcast: Professor Allan Fels AO

Former ACCC Chief, Professor Allan Fels AO joins Zoe Daniel MP to dissect the scrutiny facing Australia’s supermarket giants. Together…
28 mins

Bid for $10 a day childcare, 52 weeks parental leave

Eleanor Campbell Parents could pay as little as $10 per day for childcare and receive up to 52 weeks of…
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Find Your Voice Podcast: Sam Mostyn on the Women’s Economic Equality Report

Australia is sitting on an extraordinary economic resource. Women. Zoe Daniel MP is joined by Sam Mostyn, Chair of the…
32 mins

Goldstein Budget submission

For the full submission click here.  
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Stage 3 tax cuts speech – 12th February 2024

For full transcript, click here.  
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MPI Speech – Stage 3 tax cuts

As I’ve said since before the 2022 election- we are too reliant on income tax and we need broad-based tax…
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Speech on Water Amendment (Restoring Our Rivers) Bill 2023

I moved amendments to the legislation that oversees the Murray Darling Basin plan to take climate change into account in…
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Find Your Voice Podcast: Kieran Pender, Strengthening Australia’s Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblowers should be protected not punished. In this episode, I was joined by Kieran Pender, Senior Lawyer in the Democratic…
25 mins

The teals want sweeping tax reform. What might it cost them?

This story by Charlie Lewis first appeared in Crickey on 5th September 2023. Teal independents represent some of the richest…
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Find Your Voice Podcast: Australia’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

Welcome to Find Your Voice with Zoe Daniel. In this episode, I lead a focused collaboration on the escalating youth…
36 mins