Find Your Voice Podcast: Sam Mostyn on the Women’s Economic Equality Report

Australia is sitting on an extraordinary economic resource. Women. Zoe Daniel MP is joined by Sam Mostyn, Chair of the…
32 mins

Find Your Voice Podcast: Kieran Pender, Strengthening Australia’s Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblowers should be protected not punished. In this episode, I was joined by Kieran Pender, Senior Lawyer in the Democratic…
25 mins

Find Your Voice Podcast: Australia’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

Welcome to Find Your Voice with Zoe Daniel. In this episode, I lead a focused collaboration on the escalating youth…
36 mins

Find Your Voice Podcast: Andrew Leigh MP

This week I discussed the state of social connections in Australia with Andrew Leigh MP, economist, author and Assistant Minister…
23 mins

Strengthening the Safety Net Bill

I am committed to women’s economic equality. Women still face challenges in achieving true equality, including lower incomes and…
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Find Your Voice Podcast: The Housing Crisis – How do we increase supply?

Welcome to the latest episode of Find Your Voice podcast, where we confront Australia’s pressing housing crisis head-on. This issue,…
38 mins

Cost of Living Forum – Bentleigh Bowls Club

Zoe Daniel organised an important discussion on the current cost of living challenges faced by many Australian’s, and how…
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Budget 2023 Preview: Sky News Afternoon Agenda

I joined Kieran Gilbert on Sky News Afternoon briefing for a pre-budget interview on what I am looking…
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Find Your Voice Podcast: Mary Crooks on Together Yes and the Kitchen Table Conversation Model

On today’s podcast, I am delighted to be joined by Mary Crooks – AO. Mary is the Executive Director of the…
28 mins

RN Breakfast on Single Parent Payment

Great to chat to Patricia Karvelas on. RN Breakfast about why we need to restore the single parent payment.…
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