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Australia is a wealthy country. Our prosperity is based on natural minerals, food, fibre and energy, and the application of the intelligent energy of our population today. Services rather than primary production now dominate the economy, but our assets mostly still pay for what we consumer from the rest of the world. 




The Goldstein community voted for  climate action. The urgency of the task before us: to decarbonise our industries, our transport, our communities, and ensure integrity in climate policy. 

Comprehensive and ambitious climate action requires greater will and faster action in a range of policy areas, as well as community action.


Integrity is the foundation of good, democratic government; it is central to the proper functioning of every aspect of our society.

Without trust in the integrity of our politicians and public servants, their truthfulness and transparency, public faith in democracy is eroded, giving rise to disenchantment, disaffection and worse.

Integrity, including stamping out corruption and rorts, was at the very centre of my decision to run for parliament and has been central to my focus every day since I have been elected.


Gender equality is good for everyone. It makes our communities safer and healthier, and it is good for the economy.

Gender equality is pivotal to Australia’s progress – socially and economically. As a nation, we have an opportunity to restore Australia as a world leader in gender equality.  Women are not a minority and should not be treated as such. 

I will continue to work to push the Government further on gender equality policies to elevate women and girls, and as I promised, to speak up for those who are not in the room. 

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