The Goldstein community voted for climate action. The urgency of the task before us: to decarbonise our industries, our transport, our communities, and ensure integrity in climate policy, cannot be overstated.

This is an economic as well as an environmental and health priority; exploiting our unique solar, wind and mineral resources will set us up as a global clean energy superpower with clean, green manufacturing and the well-paid secure jobs that will underwrite our prosperity and the future of our children.

Comprehensive and ambitious climate action requires greater will and faster action in a range of policy areas, as well as community action.


Integrity in climate policy

The priority must be on real emissions reductions, not protecting fossil fuel companies. Polluters should not be able to account their way to zero.

Fossil fuel companies must pay their share 

Decarbonising transport 

Australia lags the world on reducing transport emissions, and there are many opportunities to encourage the transition to zero-emissions transport.

Decarbonising communities

Electrification benefits households not just in terms of reduced emissions but also reduced costs.


Next steps