This year, we have a once in a generation opportunity to help unify our country.

I made this series, because democratic processes should be free, fair, and trusted.

And conversations should be reasoned and reasonable.

And as your Independent member for Goldstein, I’ve consulted widely about the Voice, with people across our community, of all ages, and sought the advice of experts and people with lived experience.

I invite you to do the same, and hope this information is helpful as you consider your vote.

Does the Voice insert race into the Constitution?

A once in a generation opportunity.


To find out more about the details of The Voice, you can go directly to the following links.

Together Yes:

Uluru Statement from the Heart:

A useful handbook: Pre-order “The Voice to Parliament Handbook: All the Detail You Need”
by Thomas Mayo and Kerry O’Brien here.

Zoe and The Voice

To learn more about our events, information and Zoe’s position on The Voice, check the following links

  • Zoe’s Parliamentary Speech on The Voice Mechanism, click here 
  • Listen to Zoe have a conversation with Marcia Langton AO Podcast click here
  • Listen to the Mary Crooks AO Podcast as she discusses with Zoe how you can engage others in The Voice click here