Zoe Daniel Integrity Policy

Integrity is the foundation of good, democratic government; it is central to the proper functioning of every aspect of our society.

Without trust in the integrity of our politicians and public servants, their truthfulness and transparency, public faith in democracy is eroded, giving rise to disenchantment, disaffection and worse.

Integrity, including stamping out corruption and rorts, was at the very centre of my decision to run for parliament and has been central to my focus every day since I have been elected.


  • Standing up a National Anti-Corruption Commission with teeth and the funding to function effectively
  • An ‘Integrity system’ that goes beyond the workings of the NACC with legislated measures to hold our elected representatives accountable
  • Enhanced protections for whistleblowers and journalists to ensure they can shine light on corrupt and illegal behaviour without fear of reprisal
  • A Whistleblower Commissioner to ensure the interests of whistleblowers are protected
  • Reform of Freedom of Information laws to ensure they mean what they say
  • Truth in political advertising
  • Infrastructure spending based on independent assessment of need and equity
  • Timely public disclosure of all political donations above $1,000
  • Tighter regulation of lobbyists including disclosure of their meetings with politicians and advisers
  • Real time publication of ministers’ diaries.
  • Media reform to restore trust and accountability


  • Involvement in the legislative process to set up the National Anti-Corruption Commission (a national integrity commission)
  • Engaging with the government for a Whistleblower Commissioner
  • Engaging with the government on appropriate and stronger protections for whistleblowers and reporters in the review of the Public Interest Disclosure Act and other relevant legislation
  • Engaging with the government for enhanced independence and transparency for governance of the Housing Australia Future Fund
  • Scrutinising government infrastructure plans to ensure they are based on need and equity rather than political advantage
  • Successfully engaged with the government to have charges in relation to Australian spying against Timor-Leste against Bernard Collaery dropped
  • Protested the decision to proceed with charges against whistleblowers Richard Boyle and David McBride
  • Advocated for the return to Australia of Julian Assange
  • Advocated for a judicial inquiry into media diversity


Without strong systems to ensure integrity, everything from the economy to social cohesion suffers. In 2018, The United Nations estimated that corruption costs at least 5% of world gross domestic product. In Australia, the cost of corruption is significant. We have plummeted in world rankings for integrity. In 2012, Australia received a score of 85 out of 100 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. In 2023, that score remains dramatically lower at just 75 . This corruption has a material impact on our prosperity, with Australia missing an estimated 60,000 jobs as a result.

Australians deserve politicians who are held accountable. That’s what community independents like me are doing right now, holding the major parties to account.