Together with the people of Goldstein, I want substantive policy action on climate change, transparent and forward-thinking economic management and a genuine commitment to integrity, equality and respect.


One of my highest priorities is the implementation of a National Integrity Commission as part of an overarching integrity system that has the necessary powers to address Government and public service corruption and to keep elected representatives accountable.

The system should include:

  • A fully independent and properly funded statutory body in the form of a National Integrity Commission, headed by a Chief Commissioner appointed on the recommendation of a bipartisan parliamentary committee Its jurisdiction must be broad, as must the definition of ‘corrupt conduct’ and it must have all the powers of a Royal Commission.
  • Further, I support a code of conduct for elected representatives, enforced registration of lobbyists, the opening of ministerial diaries, transparency and caps on political donations, truth in political advertising, protection of whistleblowers and an end to the rorting of taxpayer funds.


The time for waiting is over.
The next parliament will carry critical responsibility for action on climate policy.

  • An enforceable plan to at least halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero before 2050
  • Creation of an independent climate change body to monitor and guide policy
  • Accelerated, funded innovation and training to build the renewables industry and a zero-carbon economy for our children
  • Incentives to speed up the take up of electric vehicles


It’s time for forward focused economic policy that harnesses available technology, and Australia’s natural, human and financial assets to foster our future prosperity.

  • Smart financing and partnerships supporting innovation, training and revitalisation of Australian based research and development
  • Government backed diversification to support communities through a prosperous transition away from fossil fuels
  • Support for business recovering from Covid19
  • Create public private partnerships to encourage affordable housing development


Everyone deserves genuine respect and safety.

  • Implement the further recommendations of the Respect@work Report into sexual harassment and gender safety in the workplace, requiring employers to be accountable for a safe environment.
  • Upgrade and mandate programs to prevent violence and discrimination against women and work with state governments to create national consistency.
  • Create a means to value the care economy
  • Take concrete steps to create an Australia where First Nations people and their children have the same opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians
  • Engage directly with and listen carefully to culturally diverse communities to create genuine equal opportunity
  • The rights, safety and equality of LGBTQI+ people must be protected and promoted.