Social Media Moderation Policy

Zoe Daniel aims to provide a space for lively and respectful discussion about Australian politics, media, business, culture, and society. We welcome your participation in this conversation and encourage you to express your views while remaining considerate of others.

Zoe and her team are committed to keeping comments open across our social platforms to facilitate a dynamic and engaging conversation. However, we ask that when you engage, you behave responsibly and treat others with respect.

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Zoe Daniel reserves the right to determine which comments are appropriate for posting and which are not. We may edit or delete any comments that we deem to be offensive, make personal attacks, or expose us to legal action.

We do not tolerate comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or bigoted in any way. We also ask that you avoid using gratuitous swearing or making violent or hateful comments towards public figures.

If you believe that you have read an inappropriate or offensive comment, please contact us immediately via

By submitting a comment to Zoe Daniel, you agree that the views expressed are solely your views. We encourage you to debate the issues while maintaining a respectful tone towards other commenters.

Zoe Daniel has the right to close comments on any social media post or page at any time. This includes situations where there may not be a moderator present. Before closing comments, the social media team will first engage with the commenters and address any concerns or issues raised. The team will also be transparent about the reason for closing comments, providing a clear explanation to those affected.